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I find reading slow and difficult, this reduces my understanding of written text!
Listening instead of reading is easier but, like most people, I forget most of what I hear. 

CDRemember the old Chinese proverb;

To hear is to forget,
to see is to remember,
to do is to know.

 See and listen.

cassette player & open bookWhen I listen to cassettes or CDs I look at the printed text because; 
  • I concentrate on the information,
  • Listen to pronunciation,
  • Don't miss out lines.
  • Visualise the layout, like an index.
Usually books read for the blind have index marks for you to find your place, but this needs a specialised player. Beware some audio books have background music that is very distracting to some of us, while others are shorter than the printed book.

Text readers (text on computer screens.)

ReadPleaseI find text readers better than cassettes or CDs if they indicate each word as it is being read.  The voices of some free versions are a bit "machine like" but good enough to use before paying £30 for a better voice!

I use a text reader to;
  • Read all that is on my computer.
  • Proof read.
  • Check e-mails before I send them.
  • Hear if it sounds sensible.
  • Spot  missing or wrong, words and punctuation.
Unlike the "real live person" proof reader they never criticise!
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