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Text readers

Read what is on the screen, not what you think you wrote, so you can pick out missing, extra, and wrong words or punctuation easily.
They never laugh at your mistakes.

Ideal for proof reading;
I usually highlight errors, to correct later, while it continues to read (not all text readers allow this).

As I need to hear and see what I am studying, the Open University provides me with audio tapes or CDs so I can look at the text while listening.
I find text to speech readers  work very much better,
than books and audio tapes, you adjust the reading speed.

Displaying the spoken words.

I think it's important that a text reader should indicate which word is being read.
Some cannot, but the quality of others varies from disastrous to excellent.

If your Web browser is capable/allowed to display animations the pictures below should all be actively moving.

I hope that seeing so much movement does not cause you too much distress.

If you cannot look at it, imagine what it would be like to look at for hours while you study.

It is very good for me to see the words as they are read,
it helps my, understanding, memory, reading and spelling.

Changing the colour of the word I am focusing on, as it is read, is tiring.

Changing both the colours of the word and background is likely to be very stressful.

Changing both the colour and the background colour of the
first letter only

is the worst method I have seen.
It separates the first letter from the word so it cannot
possibly help with spelling or reading.

ReadPlease is the only text reader that I have found where the word I am focusing on does not change in any way.
as I am not focusing on the background, so its colour change, (as much or as little as I need) does not cause any stress.

DixiReader reading
I could not find any where you could choose the colours, font and shape.
So I  built DixiReader myself, so that you can make these changes very easly.

It has been thoroughly tested by my dyslexic friends in Somerset.
It is FREE at DixiReaderĀ®
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